Status Points are obtained through the leveling of a character. Once the character obtains 100% of the experience (EXP) required for the level, the character will level up and gain status points.

The gained status points allow for a character to change and build a character class in any form that the user desires. The additional points may allow for a stronger attack, stronger magic attack, increased health, faster attack speed, etc..

Status Point Resets
Status Point resets may be obtained in-game for any character level 30 and below. Speaking to NPC Cornell in the village Zant will allow a Status Point reset.

For any character class above the level 40, the Item Mall provides an item called Testimony of Retraining that will allow for status point resets for any character level.

Please note that, in order to use the Testimony of Retraining,  the character must remove all equipment.

After using the Testimony of Retraining, you may not notice the reset right away. Make sure you log out and then back in once you are done. At this point you will see the stat points have been returned and you may now redistribute them.

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