Securing One’s Account after an Unauthorized Access

What to do after an unauthorized Access

If you have found that your account was accessed without your permission and you have not done so already, contact the WarpPortal Support Team immediately.  We will proceed in locking the account so that no further damage can be done.  Once the account is locked down we may begin the recovery process. 

This can be a scary time, but we will do everything we can to get you back into the game.   In the meantime, the important thing is to secure your game accounts.  

There are many ways nowadays for people to steal this information and it can come from a variety of places.  Some use software to record your keystrokes, other’s utilize false websites to trick a person into giving up vital information which is why it is imperative that you make sure to scan your computer and change your passwords.

We recommend some of the following procedures after any unauthorized access.

1.       Make sure to scan your computer with an anti-viral and anti-malware program.  If you had already changed your passwords, do it again as they may have already logged the new passwords previously.

a.   If you do not have either of these programs, we highly recommend downloading or purchasing one from a reliable source.    

b.   If you already have these programs make sure that they are up to date.

2.       Once you have removed any possible threats, we recommend changing your passwords for WarpPortal and any other websites you have recently logged into.  

a.   It is important to note that not all vicious software shows malicious intent.  Many are designed to work quietly in the background without the user realizing what is wrong.   This is why it is important to change all confidential data as there is the likelihood that the program picked up more than just game data.

3.       If you had not contacted us yet, please do so and make sure to inform us that you have changed your passwords. 


In the coming days we recommend keeping an eye on all accounts that you used to access through your computer.  You never know what they learned or how much information they were able to glean.   Keep an eye out and be wary of any websites that randomly ask you for personal information.  

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