Reporting 3rd Party Program Use (aka "bot")

If you suspect a character is using illegal automated programs, scripts, computers (aka "bots") you may report it. We appreciate this kind of reporting as such program use gives an unfair advantage to certain players, devalues the worth of certain items, and has farther reaching implications for the in-game community and economy.

When reporting these matters, please try to take a screen shot with the Print Screen Key clearly showing the character(s) & character name(s) you suspect as they exhibit the behavior. If you are able please link to any video you may have recorded of this behavior as well.

(The default screen shot directory for Requiem is \Program Files\Gravity\Requiem\ScreenShot)


When submitting a ticket for this, please be sure to include the following information 

Server Name:
Date/Time of Incident:

The Name of Character you are reporting:
Briefly describe behavior:




(The more frequent reporting we get about these activities the faster an investigation can take place.)

While we cannot discuss the details of investigations involving other accounts, please know that appropriate action will be taken where needed..

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