When running UPDATERUSA.EXE or launching Requiem from the desktop shortcut if the Updater does not open properly and returns the message,

"Error 08: Failed Open File"

This means that the Updater is being blocked from running and modifying files. This can be from other software conflicts (such as antivirus blocking the program), or because your Windows access privilege is too low to allow this program to run. Generally, access to an administrator account to run the client properly is required.

For Windows XP Users you must be logged in on an Administrator account. For Windows 7 and Windows Vista Users you must run UPDATERUSA.EXE as an administrator. To do this right click on UPDATERUSA.EXE or the Requiem desktop shortcut, then select "Run as administrator" from the drop down menu.

For Windows 7 and Windows Vista Users, you will be prompted by the system either with the option to accept or reject running the application or you will be prompted for User Name and Password to accept running the application as an administrator (depending on your system/network settings).

If the problem persists, check with the support team for any security software running on your system and ask for instructions on properly allowing or making exceptions for the Requiem client and updater.  If you require further assistance please feel free to contact the Support Team!

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