Installing or completely removing and reinstalling the “Requiem: Memento Mori” Client

Installing the “Requiem: Memento Mori” Client

First, visit our Free Client Download Page at here:

After verifying your date of birth, you will then be redirected to the Free Client Download Page where you may scroll down to find the options for downloading the setup file (which will contain the setup files in a compressed archive.)

If you are not using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7.0 you may experience issues due to another browsers settings or lack of compatibility with our web site. Please only use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7.0 to download the client. You may also consider resetting Internet Explorer to its default settings or checking Internet Options for proper settings. Please close any Internet Explorer additions (or related applications and processes) and do not use any download managers or download accelerator applications. 

We strongly recommend saving the latest version of the Requiem Client Setup in order to use as back-up in case it becomes necessary to reinstall. (Select to save the file to a location when the download begins, rather than choosing to open the file, because this will allow you to save a copy to open at any time it becomes necessary to reinstall, which is recommended.) 

If you have less than 3 GB (3000 MB) of free space on your hard disk you may not have enough space to complete the download. Please be sure to have well in excess of 3 GB before beginning the download. 

Once the download is complete run it or extract the setup files from the compressed archive and then run Setup.exe as an administrator if using Windows Vista or greater. (For Windows XP you must be logged in on an administrator type User Account.)


The Setup application will guide you through the rest of the process. Note that if you have had the client installed already the setup application will first prompt you, asking whether or not to completely remove the application, and after backing up the screenshot and user folders, select yes. Then run Setup.exe again to begin the reinstallation.


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