Zero Tolerance Activities

 Zero Tolerance Activities

The world of MMORPGs can sometimes have a dark underside, so here are a few things you should be aware of!


Scamming typically occurs like this: a player offers you a trade that sounds really, really great. Sure that's wonderful, but what happens if they offer something like, "Just give me half now and I'll give you the item, then you give the rest"? Instead of honoring the trade agreement, they just run off with your stuff! First and foremost, never, ever give your account details to another playerThe risk is too high just for some in game items. The other person can take all your items, destroy your pets and take your Zeny. Even worse, since some games can be attached to Facebook, they now have access to a very intimate and private part of your online identity. If you willingly give out your account details to another player, we may not be able to provide support to you. 

Real Money Trading

You may have seen them in other MMO Games. They tend to spam chats with something like " $4.99 per 100 Gold!" However, someone (a friend even), can ask you quite casually, "Did you want Rubies/Item Mall Points, etc.? I can buy them on your account if I get your password and just trade me Zeny and items!" Rule number one is never, ever give your account details to another player! This will lead to your accounts security being compromised. We do not condone Real Money Trades and will not offer support to accounts who have purposefully given out their private account information. Sellers will have their accounts suspended and Buyers may have their in game items wiped or even have their accounts suspended if found to be repeat offenders. Please read the Terms of Service document for further information or any questions about our conduct.

Exploiting or Using Bugs
Gravity Interactive does not allow the use of any bug or exploits. Our primary objective is the ensure that there is a fair and fun environment to play our games, by exploiting or using any bug you are not playing fair and are altering the game play for which is intended. If you feel that another player may be exploiting or using a bug and taking advantage of it, then we ask that you contact our support team by submitting a ticket with any proof that you can provide, as well as the assumed offending character name. If you have found a bug while playing please notify our support team by Submitting a Ticket. Be as detailed as possible, including all details about the situation in which the bug occurred.

Submitting Fraudulent Tickets.

The support tool is here to provide players with a place to report game or account issues and players who violate our Terms of ServiceThe WarpPortal support team does not enforce player agreements, or restore items lost as a result of a players actions. Tickets will be flagged as fraudulent if the ticket sender issues a falsified screenshot, attempts to impersonate another player, harasses or swears at support members, spams the ticket tool with duplicate tickets, refuses to accept the support teams decision regarding any issue, or outright lies regarding an issue.

Impersonating a GM or Other Character.

Purposefully impersonating another character in an attempt to deceive that players friends or guild members is considered fraud and will result in the account being suspended. Many players include the initials GM in their names. This may stand for Guild Master. WarpPortal staff will never ask you for any information or threaten your character. If you are speaking in game with anyone who claims to be a WarpPortal staff member they are trying to deceive you. 

Please review out Terms of Service
 if you have any questions about our conduct or unsupported activities.

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