Ragnarok Online 2: Guild Leader Transfer


We all know that feeling.  It starts out with a simple curiosity.  Then, it becomes a worry.  You realize your guild leader is nowhere to be found.   You wait.  You wonder.  You check the various media outlets at your disposal of hoping to find out what happened.   Alas, though there is no answer, and you find yourself and your guild members at a loss.  The guild leader has gone MIA, or Missing In Action.   


It happens, but there is nothing to worry about.  We have policies in place that can help assist you when such things occur. We know that the guild has worked hard together to create something magical.  It is not the effort of one person, but the effort of many.  In that vein, we would like to explain the steps needed in order to move forward and transfer leadership. 


1. The guild leader must have not been active for at least 90 days.  


It needs to be determined that there has not been any communication at all with the previous guild leader.  They have not logged in. They have not appointed a new guild leader.  Once this has happened we move to step 2.    


2. Once you have been able to determine that no communication has occurred, please submit a ticket to WarpPortal Support. 


This will begin the process of transferring guild leadership.  If your guild already has a person in mind, please have them be the one to petition in.  We will then do a thorough investigation to confirm step 1. For the person who in nominated to lead the guild, please provide us the following information:


1.     Guild Name:

2.     Current Guild Leader:

3.     Newly Elected Guild Leader: (Must be in the same guild)

4.     Screenshot of the guild info:


3. This may take some time, but once we have determined that the guild leader is gone we will then begin the process of transferring leadership to a different guild member. 


It is important to note that each one of these cases is handled on a case by case basis.  We will determine the validity of each claim and ensure that the change is a valid request.  


Some things to keep in mind, we understand that life happens.  Sometimes a situation prevents someone from logging in for an extended amount of time, but that is why we have these rules in place to help alleviate the process.  As with any situation, please feel free to contact the WarpPortal Support Team and we will be happy to work with you on this matter.  

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