Multi-Dye System

Use All The Colors!


The Winter 2015 Update has brought a new dye system to Ragnarok 2. With the Multi-Dye System, you can dye some new costumes, armors, and transmogrification items in up to three different places, with up to three different (or same!) colors. 


The A, B, C's


The dye window looks familiar, but there are now three parts that can be dyed: Part A, Part B, and Part C. You can only dye one section at a time. 


Each part corresponds to a particular detail in the costume:





ALT Preview


You will no longer see the color of the costume or armor when you hover your cursor over the item:




To view the additional information about the item, hover over it and press and release your ALT key to bring up this window:




Transmogrification Items


Five new sets of Transmogrification Items have been added. When equipped, these items take up normal armor slots. They are meant to be used as skins for existing armor. To learn more about Transmogrification, please visit the Official Guide.


These items can be colored before you Transmogrify them onto a new armor piece and will retain the dyes you have applied.


A sample of the new Transmogrification Items is below. The set names are gender specific:




Original post can by found here and written by CM Idun.

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