Harassment Tickets and You

Recently we have noticed there seems to be some confusion as to what constitutes as harassment.  In truth there are many forms of harassment and some more severe than others.  Harassment can take many forms however here is a quick explanation into our policies and explanations as to what constitutes as harassment and how to report it when it occurs.  
So with out further ado here we go: 

·         Offensive Language

o   Example of offensive language (punishable offenses):

§    Using any sort of cursing against a player such as the case with one player calling a player a b****.

·         It is important to note that every single instance of this may not always constitute as harassment.   We do have a block system that will automatically filter most language.   We recommend utilizing it if this kind of language is disturbing to you.  However, if someone purposefully tries to bypass this filter by using various characters, and then repeatedly continues to harass you with this kind of language, please contact Warpportal Support immediately.

§  Saying or using any sort of racial slur or generally racist or sexist statements. Most recent example is of a player being permanently suspended for saying he wanted to “Kill all of the N******.”

o   Examples of language that is not punishable (though may warrant a warning to player):

§  Using words that are not curses such as “dumb, jerk, idiot,” etc.  Most recent example involved player calling someone and idiot after player insulted Filipinos. Player was asked to please be careful of what they say in chat and that next time either ask assistance from a GM in game or write in a ticket. In both situations players should not engage the player that is being rude as they may be trying to bait them.

·         Harassment 

o   Example of harassment (punishable offenses):

§  Constant foul language or threats directed to a sole player or group of players (such as guilds, parties, etc.) Again players should not engage the rude player and report it immediately.  Example: a player threatens to “kill a player irl.”

§  Instigating negative commenting of others. Example: “You’re such a baby, get over it”, says player 1. “Yeah, stop sulking like a stupid girl”, says player 2. “It’s just a game, who cares about XXX when all he does cry for mommy” responds from player 1. All these conversations were directed to player 3. This causes the harassment to escalate from mere minor negative conversation.

·         It is important to note that trash talking isn’t always actionable.   If a player finds that others are engaging in a conversation that they find distasteful, they may place those players on an ignore list.  However if multiple players or possibly guilds continue to harass a player continually , these actions will be taken far more seriously and will result in actions taken against the offending accounts.

o   Example of non-reportable actions:

§  Players gloating about recent victories. However, if this turns to the above then report right away. Again players should not engage the offending players. Example: player stating in chat” Yea we are the winners!! We got ALL the WoE castles!”

§  Player tempts another player to report for rude behavior. Example: player states in chat “That looks like botting, I should report you”. Another player replies in chat “I dare you to, bring it on!” Issue gets escalated and reported. There was no botting and finger pointing of players begin.

§  Player reports another player for killing him in PVP arena. Come on now guys.

·         “Cry Wolf” Tickets

o   Examples of these types of tickets (punishable offenses depending on severity)(warnings to suspensions):

§  Spamming of the same issue through tickets, reporting a player for an action they did not actually do, reporting an action and twisting the facts, reporting a ticket with falsified evidence. Recent examples include a player’s repeating tickets, reporting and twisting facts about an incident. Another recent example involves another player who was reporting people from a rival guild and sent in photo shopped “evidence.”


·         Reporting Incidents through Ticket System:

o   Examples of good reports:

§  Includes detailed description of what is occurring with the supporting evidence unedited (screenshots or videos depending on the case). Incidents such as reporting a botter, speed hacking, and similar cases video is preferred, again unedited and appropriate length (2-5 mins). Additional information is complete and filled accurately to the best of one’s ability. Double check to make sure that you choose the correct game!

·         Examples:

o   Where did it occur?

o   Who was the one committing the act?

o   What did they do?

·         Please keep in mind that in order to maintain the confidentiality of the other player, we are unable to explain what actions have been taken against the offending player.

§  In cases involving account retrieval, compromises, and password changes, please be aware to include personal information such as: name, registered date of the account, and email. The information helps speed up the process for us to verify and provide full support.

o   Examples of poor ticket reports:

§  Tickets with little to no description of events occurring or the descriptions are inaccurate. Can include very poor or altered evidence or no evidence at all.  The additional information is not filled in or incorrect. 

§  Tickets with incomplete questions and details regarding the question.

§  Evidence (screenshot and videos) should be labeled accordingly time and date of event to assure accurate evaluation.





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