What ports do I need to open in my firewall for Requiem to connect?

Patch client and website ports: 20, 21 (TCP & UDP) and 80 (TCP)

Game server ports: 7230 and 7110 (TCP) 

Information on how to forward your ports can be found on your proxy/firewall/router manufacturer’s website. How to forward these ports may vary on the models and brands of the devices. (Note that many Routers and Modems may not require setup changes for connecting to the Requiem patch and game servers, however depending on the model configuring port forwarding may be necessary.)

Windows XP with Service Pack 2 users be aware that you will have a built in firewall installed that can be modified and configured through the Control Panel. If you are behind a centralized firewall, it is suggested that you do not enable your Windows Firewall. Doing so can be too restrictive and may block access to our website or servers. You will need to choose to use the one on the network or the one on your computer to avoid connectivity issues. You may need to contact your network administrator for further assistance on this matter.

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