Requiem offers the opportunity to compete against other players in battlefield matches and, in the case of Field of Contention, Ion Mine and Theme Battlefield matches, to be rewarded with battlefield points according to your performance on the battlefield.


In order to maintain an enjoyable environment and in a sense of sportsmanship there are several actions that are considered disruptive and therefore not allowed.


- Joining a match to provide "free kills" to the opposing team (also known as feeding) and intentionally making your own team lose the match is highly unfair towards both your own and your opposing team, and is forbidden.


- Even though joining the same match with more than one character (multi-clienting) is not expressly forbidden, we would like you to just simply don't do it. However, a player is NOT allowed to join the very same match with more than one character if the sole purpose is to get a tactical advantage over the opposing team. This includes for example joining the opposing team to find out positions of characters (especially characters in stealth condition) or game elements like traps that would be otherwise invisible.


- Your rewards after a match are based on your character's contribution to the match and the outcome of the match. Gathering in groups in order to just maximize each others contribution without actually killing someone (this is referred to as abusive farming of contribution) is considered disruptive and is not allowed. This includes running more than one game client in order to boost your contribution, even if you do not disturb the rest of the teams in their battle (e.g. farming contribution in a corner of the battlefield map). Players who join a battlefield have to maintain an authentic battlefield situation throughout the match.


- If a certain battlefield provides safe zones to the players, these areas serve as a place to be able to safely rebuff yourself, regroup your team and/or recover from your wounds if necessary. Although you are supposed to leave your safe zone to ensure the battle won't stagnate, you ARE allowed to stay in your safe zone for as long as you decide to for whatever reason.


- General game rules do logically apply in battlefields too. Therefore botting and/or running any third party program that gives you an advantage over another player or that alters the game mechanics and/or game code in any possible way is highly forbidden.


- You are allowed to form a party before the match starts and join as a party if the game offers this feature. This INCLUDES having party members that would actually not be able to join your level bracket battlefield (e.g. taking a level 24 character with you to level bracket 25-49 battlefields and so on). If the character is able to keep up in the competition he deserves it. This is NOT considered disruptive or offensive in any way.


These rules apply to all battlefields that will reward you with battlefield points after the match. In addition, these rules also apply to all Battlefield Tournament Events held in the game.


If you create a private battlefield room like "Free Battle", feel free to set up your own "house rules".


All of the afore mentioned rules are subject to change.


These rules serve to reinforce rules already clarified under the Terms of Service.

Specifically, list items B and G under section 14, "UNACCEPTABLE CONDUCT" of the User Agreement.

As with the User Agreement, Gravity may amend or revise this Agreement at any time and at its sole discretion, and such amendment or revision shall be effective upon posting.

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