War of Emperium Emblem Guidelines

War of Emperium (WoE) is an exciting Guild vs Guild event in the world of Ragnarok Online, and we love to make the experience fun and pleasant for everybody! You can help us be adhering to these guidelines regard the use of Guild Emblems in WoE!
Each Guild Has One Unique Emblem
Show off your guild pride by having one unique emblem per guild! Please refrain from copying the emblems of other guilds, as this can lead to confusion in the heat of battle.
Emblems Must Be Visible
You worked hard on your emblem, why not show it off? Your emblem cannot be transparent, and its design must be over 50% visible to other players. If the emblem is made in a way that allows it to blend easily into the background, that's not allowed! Again, violation of this guideline can lead to confusion during WoE and is highly discouraged.
Here's an example of an improper emblem that is barely visible and blends too well with the background.
Here is an example of a good emblem that stands out against the background, even when its color is similar to that of the background:
No Switching Emblems During Battle
All guilds must maintain the same emblem throughout each War of Emperium. You are free to switch out your emblem if you want a different one outside of battle, but do not do this during battle. It isn't the right time.
Please, No Rude Images!
You know what we're talking about. Keep your emblem designs PG-13!

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