How to Redeem Ragnarok Game Coupons

Are you the proud owner of a shiny new coupon for Ragnarok online, be it VIP days, special item, or some other prize? Congratulations! Here's how you can redeem your coupon and enjoy your nifty new treat!


Step 1: Login at

You'll need to get into your account!



Step 2: Power-Up

Once logged in, click on the Power-Up option on the left side bar.



Step 3: Select your Ragnarok Online account


Under "Game Accounts" on the left side bar, select the Ragnarok Online game account in which you'd like to apply your coupon code.



Step 4: Ragnarok "Game" Coupons


Select the Ragnarok "Game" Coupons tab that appears in the middle of the screen.



Step 5: Enter Coupon Code

In the box titled "Electronic Serial Number," enter your coupon code and hit the "Submit" button once.



Step 6: Finished!


Your code has been entered and applied successfully to your account! If it was for VIP days, you should see the "VIP Expiration Date" at the top change to reflect your new VIP status and the day it expires.




Step 7: Redeeming In-Game Items


If you received a code to redeem a Ragnarok Online item in-game rather than VIP, you follow the same steps as above as well as this additional step.


Once you've inserted your code as above, log into your Ragnarok Online account and visit Code the Redeemer NPC in the 2nd floor of the Eden Group. You can claim your prize item from him after you've redeemed your code through the WarpPortal site.



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