Transferring Character-bound Items to Another Character Within the Same RO2 Account

Transferring Character-Bound Items to Another Character Within The Same RO2 Account

As with other game requests, we do not normally process character bound item transfer between two characters. Also, should we grant such a request; the characters must be on the same Ragnarok 2 account only.
There are only limited items that can be processed for this type of service; however, some of the most common items that are requested to be transferred are Storage Slot Expansion Keys and Elite Membership Cards.
Although there are uncommon cases like a character that is going to be deleted but the player doesn't want to lose all of his character bound items so he requests for the items to be transferred to one of his characters in the same account.
Players must note that only the Refinement Rate and Runes can be taken over during the item transfer if it's an equipment. We may not be able to return the item to its original state. A few of the things that are not recoverable would be the honing bonus stats or if the item has a transmogrified costume.
If players would like to request an item transfer, they must Submit a ticket! to our Support team using the WarpPortal email where their account is registered under and include the following information on their ticket:

Account ID:

Name of Character where the items are:

List of items that will be transferred: (NOTE: kindly use the full name of the item/s and not its acronym)

Name of Character where the items will be transferred:


Reminder: Players must also acknowledge that this kind of request is a one-time grant or case-to-case basis only. A similar request in the future may not be granted any more.

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