HELP! I Transmogrified the wrong items!

As stated in the Official Transmogrification Guide, Transmogrification takes the appearance of a piece of gear and places it on the target.  The Appearance item will be destroyed to place the appearance on the target item. 

But, what if you mistakenly transmogrified your item? (For example, you transmogrified your higher tier item instead of the lower one) Well, don't fret! We may be able to assist you in restoring your items. Please note that this request may be accepted on a case to case basis.
If this unfortunate event has befallen upon you, kindly Submit a ticket! to our Support team with the following:
Complete name of transmogrified items:
Exact date and time of incident:
Character who transmogrified the items:
Once this has been accomplished, we will restore both of the items to their original state.
Reminder: Please know that we may not be able to return the item to its original state. A few of the things that are not recoverable would be the Honing, Polish, Gold Signs, Oil, Equipment Stars and the Runes bound to it.


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