How to Play on Sakray Server


What is Sakray?

Sakray is iRO's test server. The production team uses it to test things like new items, skills, maps, and the like, to get everything in working order before being released onto the public servers of Renewal and Classic. Occasionally, we open Sakray to everybody else and allow players to test out some new features alongside us.
Do you need to get into Sakray but don't know how? Follow these instructions!

Step 1 : Open Up Your Ragnarok Folder

Sakray runs using a separate client, much like Classic, and can be found nestled inside your Ragnarok folder. To find this folder, you can use the following process to access it:
  • Find your Ragnarok Online game client, you can use any shortcut you have (in the Start menu, the Desktop, etc)
  • Right-click it and select Properties
  • In the window that pops up, click the Open File Location button
  • An Explorer window should automatically pop up, revealing the program's location

Step 2 : Open and Patch Regular Ragnarok

Opening the File Location should take you directly to the game folder, with the game program itself highlighted.
Double click it to open the game and let it patch.
This is a very important step! If you don't patch the regular game client first before opening Sakray, the client may experience errors.


Step 3 : Close All Ragnarok Clients and Open Sakray

Once you see the "Patch process completed" note on the blue bar of the normal Ragnarok client, close that client and all other currently active Ragnarok clients. Once again, if this step is not followed, Sakray may experience errors.
Once all other clients are closed, you may then go back to the Ragnarok folder, find the Sakray application, and launch it.
And that's that! You may hit "Start" to begin your new adventure on Sakray.
Happy playing!

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