How to Send Mail Using the RODEX

You've Got Mail!


What is the RODEX?
RODEX is short for Ragnarok Online Delivery Express. It’s Ragnarok Online’s in-game mailing system. Here you can send messages and items wherever you are without having to visit a town!  
Wondering how to use the RODEX? Look no further! This handy tutorial will show you how it’s done.  
First, click on the RODEX icon in the menu. 
This will bring up the mail interface:


  • Return: Mail left unopened for 15 days.
  • Announcement: Mail from the WarpPortal Team, accessible across all characters in your account. This will be used to deliver messages and items for events.
  • Mail: Mail received by your character.




Sending Mail

To create mail, click on the Write Mail icon on the top right corner. Type in the recipient’s name, then hit checkname, to make sure the player is registered in-game. Write a title and your message underneath.

To send items, drag and drop the items from your inventory. 


  • You can send up to different items at a time totaling no more than 4,000 in weight. 
  • For each item stack you send, you will be taxed 2,500 zeny. 
  • The quantity of the item doesn’t get taxed. 
  • You can’t send items that are character or account bound.


You can also send zeny to other players by typing in the amount on the bottom left. You will be charged 2% of the amount of zeny you send.


When you’re done, hit “Send” and voila! Your mail will be sent. 


Receiving Mail

To read your mail, click on the RODEX icon in the menu and you will automatically be taken to your inbox. 




Important Reminders

You can mail up to 300 times per day.
If your mail stays unread for 15 days, it will be returned to the sender and placed in the “Return” box. Mail that has been read will be automatically deleted.

Unclaimed items and zeny will also be deleted with the mail after 15 days has passed.

Unread mail in the return box will be deleted and lost forever after 15 days.
Make sure to read your mail and remove all items and Zeny!




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