Frequent Disconnections, high latency, packet loss, etc. (aka lag)

Please realize that the connection between your PC and our servers goes through many different connections and servers belonging to various other companies, any of which could be the cause of your “lag” situation.  In intercontinental situations, the cabling may also play a part as well.  Please understand, however, that Gravity Interactive, Inc. is also an end-user of a larger ISP, and therefore does not have direct influence over the connection quality between various servers.

Tracert.exe is a route-tracing utility that you can use to determine the network path to a destination.

To Test Connections by Using Tracert.exe and determine the path that a packet takes on the network and where that path may be ending:

  1. Close all non-essential programs (very important for the accuracy of your results.)
  2. Click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then press ENTER.
  3. At the command prompt, type tracert <address> of the remote network host, and then press ENTER.
  4. For testing the connection to the Requiem Patch Server type:
  6. (If while running the tracert the command prompt displays triple * symbols in a row, on the same line, more than five times in a row, then you may press Ctrl+C to end the tracert because triple * symbols in a row on the same line mean the connection timed out and failed to trace the data packets.  Also, you may wish to examine the results as they are produced to determine the length of time that the packet took to reach each network segment and the point at which the connection may stop working.)
  7. When the tracert is complete then right-click on the Active Title Bar of the command prompt window and choose select all. Then, with the entire window contents highlighted, right-click on the Active Title Bar of the command prompt window once again and this time choose copy. 

  8. Open a Notepad, and paste the copied text from the command prompt there. At the top of this file, please write the current date and time, including the time zone in which you reside.
  9. Save the text file in a location you will remember for later attaching and uploading to us through our Support Center.

    Once you have obtained this information, please send an email request to your internet service provider to help you to analyze the cause of your lag, including the above trace information, and request that they contact the organization responsible for the connection problem. (Do NOT contact cogent co, as they are not responsible for your connection or any of your ISP’s customer connections.) Please understand that in order for our Network Teams attention you must contact your ISP before contacting the Requiem GM Team concerning this problem and forward the text of their reply to us through our Support Center.

  10. If your ISP is unable to remedy this problem, please send the following to the Technical Support section of the GM Mailing Service:

    • A copy of your ISP's reply
    • Your ISP`s contact information (name, phone number, website, Email address)
    • The copy of the trace report submitted to your ISP
  11. Please be aware that if you have not submitted this information to your ISP and received a reply, we may not be able to offer assistance in this situation.


For additional related information, please visit the following addresses:

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If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us again.

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