Updater Error Message: “Old File not found…”

Unfortunately, if you are receiving the “Old File not found…” error, the Client data files have either been modified, corrupted, or damaged and are not recognizable or the problem can be manually (inaccurately) edited values contained in the Version.dat file located in the \Gravity\Requiem directory. 

In this case, it may be necessary to reinstall the Requiem Client by completely removing the application before installing it again using the latest version of the Setup.
If you do not still have the original client installation file (Setup.exe and other setup files), you may download the latest version of the client installation file from our website.

If the problem (Old file not found error) persists please submit a ticket for further troubleshooting.

(You may wish to attach and upload a copy of the file \Program Files\Gravity\Requiem\Version.dat or copy and paste the text contents of the Version.dat file into the ticket as this may be helpful in determining what is causing error.)

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