Guide to the Game Settings Menu


Options Menu > Game Settings UI

From in-game, open the Game Settings UI. You can do this by clicking the System Button found near the bottom of the row of buttons on the right side of the client. You can also press the ESC key.


With the menu open, select the [Game Settings] button. There are multiple options to edit to your preferred play style.


The Game Settings > Video UI

Allows you to set Resolution, Color (depth) Format, Brightness, etc. and also allows you to select Full Screen on or off. Also, for troubleshooting video issues several sliders are available for reducing quality and increasing performance.  In addition to the sliders some nonessential graphics can be turned on or off to improve performance.  Click the Apply button on the bottom of the UI to test changes. (Do not to set the in-game Resolution or Color (depth) Format higher than the Desktop Resolution or Color (depth) Format.



The Game Settings > Sound UI

Allows sound output to be turned on and off. It also has sliders for adjusting levels of different types of sound output from the client.  There is also an option to turn the repetition of background music on or off.



The Game Settings > Hardcore UI

Allows slash, blood and gore levels to be adjusted. By default they are set at highest levels.  You may also turn on or off the HP status being displayed graphically by wounds appearing on the Player Character, other Player Characters or NPC Monsters.



The Game Settings > Mouse UI

Allows you to adjust the Mouse movement sensitivity with a slider, whether or not clicking on a target will lock on to the target, and to invert the left and right mouse buttons. You may turn on or off several features such as mouse movement (right click a spot to run to it) and middle button auto-run. You may also select from several camera behaviors like automatic (adjusts to behind the Character as you move), behind (stays behind all the time), or point of view (which only moves the camera when you adjust it by right or left clicking and holding to mouse look).



The Game Settings > Keyboard UI

Many of the controls can be bound to a Keyboard Key from this UI. Use the scroll bar on the right to view more controls.  There is also a button which will reset all keys to their default bindings.



The Game Settings > Game UI

Any other setting not found in another panel will be found here.  You may turn these settings to on or off and then click the Apply Button to test the changes.






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