The list of prohibited conduct set forth on the "User Agreement" and "Account Policy" pages at provide examples of unacceptable conduct. The policies and rules that all users must agree to before participating in our titles can be found here:

Account Policy
User Agreement

Some examples of such unacceptable conduct include but are not limited to:

  1. Offensive language including but not limited to: curse words, sexual references, and any targeted ethnic/cultural slurs
  2. Names that target or insult other players, groups
  3. Names that display anti-racial, anti-ethnic, anti-religious, etc.
  4. Impersonation of a Gravity Interactive or Gravity, Inc. employee
  5. Impersonation of in-game characters
To report such behavior, please submit a ticket which contains an attached screen shot that clearly displays the incident and character name in question. The following is a list of common ill-mannered issues. Please be aware that this is not an exhaustive list and all issues will be considered on a case by case basis.


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