Auction House and Mailbox time limits

The Auction House has a setting of 1 - 3 days maximum for auction durations. After that time the item(s) will be either sold to the highest bidder or returned to the seller. Completed sales and returns are handled by the Transporter, found in most major towns.


Once an item is sent from the Auction House to the Transporter, check the Mailbox at the Transporter. 

The mail with the item attached will remain in the mailbox for a maximum of 7 days. This is because all mail in the Transporter is deleted after a set time limit. So please be sure to check the character's mailbox as soon as possible, after an auction has ended.

Auction House mail is also deleted as soon as the item is obtained. If a mail has been read but the item is left attached, it is deleted within 24 hours. If the mail is unread, the mail will remain for 7 days, and deleted after.

With the Auction House and Transporter time limits, we recommend that users do not set items in the Auction House unless they are able to check the items within the time limit. 1 day auctions must be checked within 8 days, 3 day auctions in 10.

Any items left unchecked for longer than the times set will be permanently deleted and unable to be restored.

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