All Serve Loading Guide

Steps to do using AllServe loading method: 
1.    Purchase your AllServe load at the nearest convenient store nationwide:
a.     You can purchase it through 711 kiosks, just look for the Allserve option.

If you already purchased an AllServe pin code make sure that you have an account in AllServe.  If none, create an account in AllServe ( to be able to use your purchased pin.
3.   Once logged in on your AllServe account, Enter the card number and the pin number that was provided by the convenient store, click TOP-UP.
4.   Select from the three option (Games, Telecom and Others) provided.  In ROJPH, select games located the first column of the selection. 
5.    Select the gaming company where Ragnarok Journey PH is, in this case select Gravity Interactive.
6.    Select the card denomination by clicking the right amount that you wish to load up.
7.    A pin code will be given to you in which you will use to load up your account in WarpPortalPH



How to Power-up your account using AllServe:

1.    On your browser, type

2.    Log in your account in warpportalph

3.    On the upper part of the website, choose POWER-UP option

4.    On the power up page, select the payment method you will use, in this case, choose AllServe


5.    Once the pin number has been loaded, a message prompt will say that your transaction has been completed.  Thank you. An indication that you successfully loaded up your account.

·         Note: You dont need to convert your gems to WP Energy, once loaded, go straight to the game to convert your gems to diamond.




How to load up your Ragnarok Journey PH Account

1.    Click the icon Go to Charge to be able you to open the charging menu


2.    Once the window pops out, click Go charge


3.    You will be redirected to another page where you will see the conversion of gems to diamonds including your gem account balance.


4.    Once decided, click recharge to be able to receive the diamonds on your account in-game.  

5.    Your diamond balance will automatically be updated.





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