Reporting Purchase Issues

Purchase Issues:

These issues include having purchased something in-game and did not receive the items purchased, like diamond packages. 

The request for purchased item restoration is applicable only to Google Play (Android) users. 

Apple (iOS) users will need to contact Apple Support directly for refund of purchase.

When submitting your ticket, please provide the following required information:

  • Character name:

  • Server number :

  • Android or iOS:

  • Location of Access/Time Zone:

  • Date/time of issue:

  • Access type (Google Account or Facebook):


Diamond restorations through purchases from Google Play (Android) users will require two unedited screenshot of: 

1) Diamond packages with price (see below)

2) GPA purchase receipt that includes the required details:


  • GPA Order Number
  • Date/time
  • Item purchased
  • Price purchased
Please refer to the sample receipt image below. Other forms of receipt from other providers will not be considered.


Once all therequired information has been obtained, the support team will expedite the restoration as soon as possible. Thank you.




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