Reporting Missing In-Game Rewards:

For Missing In-Game Rewards:

When submitting your ticket, please make sure to provide the following information:

  • Character name:

  • Server number:

  • Android or iOS:

  • Location of Access/Time Zone:

  • Date/time of issue:

  • Access type (Google Account or Facebook):


When missing rewards from an in-game event or have received the wrong reward, please send us: 

1) unedited screenshot of what you're expected to received 

2) unedited screenshot of what you have received 

If these rewards require special conditions such as "ranking (whether personal or team)", please also include an unedited screenshot of your achieved ranking as well.



For example, if you were missing Odin Boxes from a recent Team Battle, please send us an unedited screenshot of the rank you placed:


(***Notice: edited screenshot shown here is only used for explanation purposes only to protect privacy of players)


An unedited screenshot of the rewards you received:

And, if possible, an unedited screenshot of the rewards you should have received:

It is important we obtain the required information as accurately and quickly as possible for the support team to expedite the investigation and restore the correct rewards.

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