How to submit a Support Ticket

Here is a step by step for submitting a ticket with our new ticket system:

Step 1.
a.) You can choose to submit a one time ticket and a link will be provided in the ticket confirmation email so that you may track the ticket. This is done by selecting Submit a Ticket.

b.) OR, We strongly suggest that you create a seperate support account so that you are able to view your entire ticket history through the ticket system. To do so, select the option to register an account where you will be asked to fill out some information.

*Once the information is filled out and submitted, you will be required to confirm the account from the link in the email sent to the registered email address. Once confirmed, you will be able to log onto the account.

**This information is in no way related to your game account and can be used with all your game accounts if you have more than one, it is simply a way to keep track of your tickets.

Once logged in, you will be able to submit a ticket or view any previous tickets by selecting View Tickets.

Step 2. You will be asked to select the proper game/department that you are inquiring about and then choose the Next button:

Step 3. You will now fill out the details of the ticket: (if a registered user, your Email and Display Name will automatically be filled in)

Game Account ID: *required* The Account ID that you are inquiring about.
Character Name: The name of your character that you are inquiring about.
Server: The server your character is on.
Subject: *required* A breif description of the issue.
Message Body: *required* All details related to the issue (including account details such as Full Name, Date of Birth, and registered Email Address will help expidite the process)
Attachments: Any files you wish to attach to the ticket including screenshots, tracerts, Dxdiags, or etc... To do so, select the button to search your computer for the file you wish to attach.

*Once your issue is filled out in the Message body, be sure to check the Knowledge Base entries at the bottom for possible solutions (entries will pop up in a new window)

Step 4. Click on once you have completely filled out the form and attached all files. This will send the ticket to the support team where they will be able to assist you with your issue.

The next window is a confirmation with the ticket number, if you were not registered, you may check back on the ticket with the link sent in the email that you get directly after submitting the ticket.

Or you may view your ticket history from your Ticket History option once logged in:

At this point, the ticket has been submitted. Please give the support team time to answer your question. You will receive a reply in the form of an email to the email address you submitted. If you need further support, do not reply to this email. Instead, visit and log in to reply to the ticket. You can also reply to the ticket by checking the email with the link sent in it when you originally submitted the ticket.