Changing the Registered WP Account Email

Have you created a WarpPortal account, but cannot log in? Is it because you cannot remember the email address used when signing up? Or perhaps the email address is no longer active?

Have no fear! You can request a change of the registered email for the WP account!

How Do I Change the WP Account Email?

First, you will need to Submit a Ticket

In the ticket, you will need to provide the following for verification purposes

Current WarpPortal Email Address:
Game Account(s) Bound to the Warp Portal:
(note: this is also your forum name)
Registered Date of Birth:
Physical Address:
New WarpPortal Email Address:
(this email address CANNOT be registered to the WarpPortal already, or the request will be denied)

Reason for the Change:

If you have forgotten any of this information, it is crucial you attempt to provide as much as possible.

If your information does not match our records, we may require alternate forms of account verification.

Once your ticket is submitted and information verified, a customer service representative will help make the change for you as soon as possible.

Article ID: 293, Created On: 8/21/2011, Modified: 5/11/2012

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