Congrats, You're Getting Married!

Wedding March: A Marriage Update!
Ah, marriage. That blessed arrangement. That dream of dreams, where you and your true love profess to stay together forever and ever. And now, on Ragnarok Online, you can expand your marriage options to brand new horizons!
The More the Marry-er
Wedding services have now opened up in Lasagna, where you can get married to player characters of the same gender or different species in holy meowtrimony. Players must meet the following requirements in order to get married:
  • For partners of the same race (ie Human/Human, Doram/Doram) you must both be at least Level 45.
  • For partners or different races (Human/Doram), you must both be at least Level 100.
  • Neither partner can be a Baby character.
  • Both partners must have the following items:
    • Marriage Covenant (or 1,200,000 for VIP)
      Can be purchased in the Cash Shop for 500KP
    • Diamond Ring
    • Wedding Dress for Brides
    • Tuxedo for Grooms

To get started, you and your partner can head to Prontera Church to find the Lasagna Wedding Helperstanding next to the original Wedding Staff. He will set a navigation path for you to the Wedding Guide in Lasagna, who will explain the process of getting married there. The process is the same as in Prontera, including the same requirements, however please note that if you reserve a wedding in Lasagna, you can't get married in Prontera! 

After you and your partner get married, you can venture directly north of the wedding site in Lasagna to board a ship to Jawaii for your honeymoon. For one hour after your wedding, you will not be able to fight or use any skills. Use this time to relax with your partner!
Marriage Benefits
Aside from promising your undying love to your partner, marriage in Ragnarok Online also comes with some additional benefits. Note: Partners must be wearing their Wedding Rings to be able to use the Marriage Skills. 

Marriage Skills
  • Loving Touch: Restore 10% of your partner's HP by consuming 10% of your own
  • Undying Love: Restore 10% of your partner's SP by consuming 10% of your own
  • Romantic Rendezvous: Summon your partner to your location (cannot be used in WoE areas)
  • Come to me, honey~: Summons child (if applicable) to your location
  • Love Conquers Death (new!): Restores a fallen spouse or child to 30% HP
  • Let's Go, Family! (new!): All family members on the same map are brought to your location

In addition to the above skills, Married players can also Adopt Baby characters together. Adopted Baby Characters gain the following skills:
  • Mom, Dad, I love you!: Use 10% of child's Max HP to grant no death penalty to parents for 2 minutes
  • Mom, Dad, I miss you!: Summons parents to child's location
  • Go, Parents, Go! (new!): Increase parents' stats by +3 for 60 seconds within 7x7 area

Baby characters are also able to emancipate from their Parents, and the following classes may now be adopted as Babies:
  • Ninjas
  • Gunslingers
  • Tae Kwon Masters
Learn how to emancipate your baby here.

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