Creating an Account for the WarpPortal Support Page

Why Create One?

Having a support account will allow you to manage support tickets previously created, as well as create new ones without needing to re-enter certain information.

How Do I Create One?

Visit the Support front page and select the “register” icon shown below:



You will be asked to enter certain kinds of information and to click on the “Submit” button when all fields are complete, like below:



Once this is complete, you will need to check the email address used in registration for a message with a confirmation link & click on the link. With this done, you should be able to use the login function on the Support page.


(this menu is persistent in all Support pages, at the top right-hand side of the page)


The Support page should show your login status on the top right of the window screen once the account is verified, and the next time you log in.



You can still log in before verifying the account, but certain sections and functions of Support may be unavailable. Please verify the account as soon as possible.


Okay…Now What?

With a Support account created, log in and you may create a ticket or view tickets. Please refer to our articles on (creating tickets) and reviewing tickets for more info!

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